Working Groups

Administrative Committee

  • Kevin Graves, Sr. Warden: e-mail
  • Jane Reiman, Jr. Warden: e-mail
  • Gary Whicker, Treasurer: e-mail

Buildings & Grounds Working Group:

The Buildings and Grounds Working Group is responsible for the care and upkeep of one of our tools for participating in God’s mission, our buildings and grounds.  We have an annual Mini-Work Week in the summer to invite the members of our Faith Community to assist in painting, cleaning, and trimming trees which are part and parcel of our stewardship.

  • Bill Hammer, Facilitator: e-mail

Faith Formation Working Group:

This working group is responsible for faith formation from our nursery age through confirmation, as well as adult faith formation.

  • Michael Harris
  • Kevin Graves
  • Elizabeth Larsen
  • Susan McReynolds

Finance Working Group:

The Finance Working Group is responsible for developing our Operational Budget, reviewing our Financial reports on a quarterly basis and working with the Rector, Wardens and Vestry in all aspects of our financial life.

  • Brian Decker
  • Neal Engelman
  • Marv Heins
  • Barbara Schaar, Accountant
  • Jeannie Sperry
  • Gary Whicker, Vestry Liaison

Outreach Working Group:

The Outreach Working Group has as its Mission Statement to provide focus for St. Luke’s members reaching out to improve  lives and conditions of life within the St. Luke’s neighborhood and extending throughout Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota, the nation and the world.

  • Barb Heins
  • Sarah Klaehn
  • Barbara Lovett
  • Linda Mansfield
  • Sue McReynolds
  • Diane O’Mara
  • Barbara Solbrig
  • Debbie Whicker

Pastoral Care Working Group:

  • Lynn Lutz, Co-Coordinator
  • Barbara Solbrig, Co-Coordinator
  • Sue Butler
  • Kathy Connelly
  • Barbara Heins
  • Sandy Hillesheim
  • Sharon Parham

Worship Working Group:

The Worship Working Group is responsible for the yearly and seasonal planning of our Common Prayer.

  • Clayton Arndt, Acolyte Co-coordinator
  • Laurie Bale, Altar Guild Directress
  • Charlotte Clugston, Acolyte Co-Coordinator
  • Jay Bryant
  • Jane Jacobs


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