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Weekly Lifelines 9/20/2020

As promised during the Vestry’s written communication to the congregation earlier this summer, the Wardens of St. Luke’s plan to provide periodic updates on many of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ happenings within our church community. This serves as the first of those updates, which will appear in the Lifelines in place of Justin’s normal message.
Even though the pandemic continues to be a thorny issue for all of us, many exciting things have been occurring within the St. Luke’s community. We’ve slowly begun to hold in-person gatherings again, with proper procedures and safeguards now in place. In August, we began holding outdoor in-person communion services on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM. Holding a worship service in similar fashion to what we were accustomed to pre-pandemic is comforting, yet dealing with wind and rain is certainly challenging!
Fellowship is an important piece of the St. Luke’s community puzzle. Several fellowship events took place over the summer, including the Blessing of the Gardens (and subsequent hot dog roast) and the St. Luke’s Car Parade – complete with ‘Back to School’ blessings. Many thanks to Doug Butler and Shanna and Andrew Altrichter for coordinating these two events. We are planning more f  Fellowship events in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the Lifelines newsletter.




One major item that would normally be much more visible is our kitchen renovation. Almost all of the work is now complete, with the exception of a few window replacements and giving the floor a new ‘shine’. We’ve included a few photos of the finished product for your viewing pleasure. I’m looking forward to being able to have a big indoor dinner gathering again so that we can test out the new dishwasher! Many thanks go out to all that made this project a reality, but especially to Gary and Debbie Whicker along with Pete and Sharon Parham for all their efforts.


It should be noted that a few items that the Vestry has been looking into to provide more financial stability have yet to materialize. These items include the Joe Weis apartment complex proposal (too high of initial capital costs) and the Joe Powers wedding/celebrations proposal (on hold due to the pandemic) that were discussed in our previous written communication to the congregation. Autumn is nearly upon us, which means – you guessed it – the pledge drive! We will soon be asking each of you to consider pledging to fund our 2021 operating budget. We cannot stress this enough – your continued support will be critical to the success and financial sustainability of St. Luke’s. More details about the pledge drive will be forthcoming in the near future.
Many questions regarding outreach  through St. Luke’s currently exist due to the pandemic, as well as our transition this summer to completely volunteer-based outreach. Father Justin and the Vestry have been working diligently to address as many of these questions as possible, and we are excited to report that an update regarding St. Luke’s outreach opportunities will be arriving in your mailbox soon. We won’t spoil the contents of the letter, but we CAN say that there will be plenty of opportunities to help out and be a part of something very special here at St. Luke’s.
There are many other things happening as well that we can look forward to and be a part of – including the book-reading discussion of Caste that is scheduled for September 28th at 7 PM, welcoming our new ministry intern (Mr. Paul Ehling) to our faith community, and the upcoming unveiling of our new look website for St. Luke’s. We encourage you to keep attending worship on Wednesday evenings and virtually on Sunday mornings, volunteer to help out if you can, and begin thinking about those pledges for 2021. Many blessings to you all!
Kevin Graves, Senior Warden
Jane Reiman, Junior Warden
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